Holy Family Catholic Academy could not hold our numerous fundraising events or our school class activities without volunteers. Every event and activity requires many volunteers to organize it. From set-up to clean-up to shopping to selling tickets to chaperoning, each job is important for the event to go well. Research shows students do better in school when parents take an active interest in their child’s school and are visibly present throughout the school year at various events.

Holy Family Catholic Academy requires each family to pay a $375 Volunteer Fee in September. Upon completion of the 25 volunteer hours, the family is to turn in your volunteer sheet and your $375 will be refunded to you.

Volunteering can be done by contacting one of our Event Organizers. Daily Lunch parents for the classrooms are needed; front door monitors and the like also help our school every day.

ANY VOLUNTEERING that requires you to be with students – chaperones, lunch parent, etc. – requires that the Parent/Guardian be VIRTUS TRAINED. To register for a VIRTUS training Session follow these instructions:

1. Visit virtus.org
2. Click “First-Time Registrant” in the left sidebar
3. Click “View a list of Sessions”
4. Select “Brooklyn, NY (Diocese)” from the dropdown menu and click “select.”
5. Once you find an upcoming session that works for you click “Start Registration” at the top of the page and create a User ID and Password.
6. You will have the option to select the training session you would like to attend. (There are sessions in languages other than English. Some sessions are also LIMITED to a particular parish/school/academy.

Once you have completed the session, please submit a copy of your certificate to the school office. IF SURNAME is different from your child’s, please write child’s name on BACK of certificate for reference purposes.