Faculty and Staff


Ms. Anne Kelly, Principal 

Mrs. Kathy Karcher, Financial Secretary / Office Manager ([email protected])

Mrs. Maria Balzano, Director of Universal Pre-K Program

Elementary School (Pre-K3 - Grade 4)

Mrs. Christina Murphy, Pre-3, Pre-K 

Ms. Olivia O’Keefe, Pre-4, Pre-K 

Ms. Christina Coletti, Kindergarten 

Ms. Brianna Aufiero, 1st Grade

Ms. Maura O’Grady, 2nd Grade

Ms. Lauren Murray, 3rd Grade & 4th Grade Math 

Ms. Linda Corrigan, 4th Grade & 3rd Grade ELA

Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Ms. Claire Rooney, 5th Grade & Middle School Science

Mr. Robert Neun, 6th Grade & Middle School Social Studies

Mr.  Kieran Kavanagh, 7th Grade & Middle School Math, Director Of After School Program

Mrs. Noreen Mercaldi, 8th Grade & Middle School ELA


Ms. Nicole Magpantay, Physical Education & Computers

Mrs. Margaret Heinemann, Art

Fr. Anthony Rosado, Latin (4th - 8th) & Choir Director

Support Staff

Mr. Hector Mendez, Chief Maintenance

Ms. Sade Moore, School Counselor (Thursdays & Fridays)

Ms. Letitia Huggins, School Nurse