Faculty and Staff


Ms. Anne Kelly, Principal 

Mrs. Kathy Karcher, Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Ms. Olivia O’Keefe, Director of Special Programs (Rm 107)


Elementary School

Mrs. Christina Murphy, Pre-3, Pre-K (Rm 007/008) 
Mrs. Darlene Murtagh, Pre-3, Pre-K (Rm 007/008)

Miss Mary Zouvelos , Kindergarten (Rm 102/103) 

Mrs. Angela Casola, 1st Grade (Rm 105)

Ms. Jennifer Tenuto, 2nd Grade (Rm 106)

Miss Lorraine Gasparri, 3rd Grade/4th Math (Rm 200) 

Miss Linda Corrigan, 4th Grade/3rd ELA (Rm 201)


Middle School

Dr. Margaret E. McGlynn, 5th Grade/5th-8th Science (Rm 207) 

Mr. Robert Neun, 6th Grade/5th-8th Social Studies (Rm 205) 

Mr. Michael Tenuto, 7th Grade/5th-8th Math  (Rm 206)

Mrs. Noreen Mercaldi, 8th Grade/5th-8th ELA (Rm 208)



Ms. Jennifer Alarcon, Physical Education (School Hall)

Mrs. Margaret Heinemann, Art  (Rm 104)

Ms. Olivia O’Keefe, Spanish (Rm 107)


Support Staff

Mr. Hector Mendez, Chief Maintenance

Miss Kaitlyn Mottola, School Counselor

Mrs. Pam Lopez, School Nurse