Help us Make Our First Ever Read-a-Thon a Great Success!

Help us Make Our First Ever Read-a-Thon a Great Success!

Our Read-a-Thon has gotten off to a good start but with everyone’s help we can do even better. Our students have been busy reading, both in school and at home. We have already raised over $3,000 in our first week from about 100 sponsors. However, only 35 students have gotten donations. It is important to not only create your personalized online donation page but also to share it with family and friends all around the world. Yes!!! Donations can be made from anywhere in the world. Donations can be made using a credit card, paypal account, checking account and even cash.

Click Here: There is a “Donate Now” button and then it will ask if you want to donate to the group, to a particular student or if it is a business donation. 

Here are a few incentives for the students:

  • All students who create an online donation page will receive a free prize of their choice from the online prize store.
  • Homeroom teachers will reward all students that bring in 5 or more donations.
  • The class with the highest total donation amount will receive a dress down day.
  • Choice of 1 NUT card or MINUS 1 infraction card for students who bring in more than $150 in donations. An additional card for every additional $50 in donations after the first $150.
  • Students get 15% of all the donations they bring in to shop in the online store. For example, if you bring in $100 in donations you get $15 to shop. The online store has something for everyone and most of the items are under $5.


Please Feel Free to contact Sonia Kearney at with any questions or concerns.  Thank You!!!




300 Club is Back at HFCA!!!

The “300 Club” is here!

               Only 300 Raffle Tickets will be sold. The Raffle is open to friends, family and Parish.

We will have an early bird raffle for those who purchase the 1st 100 tickets.

Each Ticket is $100.  OR Tickets can be shared i.e.  4 people /$25.each   10 people/$10.each

Grand Prize $10,000.

2nd Prize $3,000.00

3rd Prize $2,000.00

One ticket ~ 3 chances to win!

Drawing: June 3, 2018 – To purchase a Ticket with Your “Lucky” number, we will begin selling tickets on Sunday, March 4, 2018.  

To purchase tickets please go to the School or Rectory Office or see a Representative outside the Church.

Please write out checks to Holy Family Catholic Academy.  

We fully anticipate selling 300 tickets however, if the goal of 300 tickets is not attained by the drawing time, pay out will be:  1st Prize 25%, 2nd Prize 15%, 3rd Prize 10%

Sellers Incentive: Highest Ticket Seller wins $250. and Seller of 1st prize wins $250. Proceeds go directly to Holy Family Catholic Academy.

Our Catholic Schools Need Your Help – Take Action for Catholic Schools

To Parents, Guardians, Families & Friends,

We need your help!  The New York State Legislature has returned from their President’s week break and moving forward in earnest with state budget negotiations.  In addition to considering the tax benefits of the newly expanded 529 plans, lawmakers are also considering whether they can restore the “instructional time” standard in Mandated Services Reimbursement.  If we don’t fight to restore this well-established standard, Catholic schools will see a cut in our  much needed reimbursement. Knowing that lawmakers will provide an increase in support to public schools and charter schools, we need your help to ensure that our schools and families not only receive the support to which they are entitled, but that we receive our fair share of increased support in current and new educational programs.

Please take the time to click on this link, Take Action for Catholic Schools and send your representative the editable pre-written message provided. 

Together our collective voice is considerable. 

Thank you,

Holy Family Catholic Academy




Our First Graders Are Now “Published” Authors!

Our First Grade along with their teacher, Ms. Palazzo just published their very own book.  The first grade’s creative juices were flowing.  The teacher asked them to think of what they would do if they were “snowed in” at school. They then wrote and illustrated their stories. We put them all together and sent them in to be professionally bound and published. The children were very excited to receive their own copy to share with their family.  They all can say they are “published” authors!! They also have a treasured keepsake to share for years to come.

Oh What a Night at HFCA’s Father & Daughter Dance

Our Father & Daughter Dance was held on Saturday, Feb. 3 and Oh What a Night it Was for everyone! The gentleman were dressed in their Sunday best and their young  ladies… they would give Audrey Hepburn a run for her money…it was a beautiful and formal event right from the beginning as each couple was announced as they walked in – after all the formalities were settled…the guests ate and never left the dance the night away.  Thank you Mr. Villacrucis and all the volunteers that made this special event to remember for a lifetime.




Winter Band Concert at HFCA

Last night our HFCA Experienced Band students put on a show for all their families & faculty.  It was a wonderful evening of music played by our students showcasing all the hard work they put into their weekly lessons.   And a big thank you to our talented & accomplished Music Instructor, Miss. Wilkie…thank you for all your time, guidance and dedication. We couldn’t do it with you !!



“Knowledge Day” at HFCA

As Catholic School Week continues…Our 5th – 8th Grades participated in our “Knowledge Fair”.  Our students dressed up as well-known Historical, Literary, Scientist &  Math figures  – they made presentations to “introduce” themselves to the younger grades in the school.  Father Furnari stopped by and was able to meet some of our “figures”.  Father met a few members of the “The Greasers” and “The Socs”, Albert Einstein, women from the Suffrage Movement, Julius Caesar and even a very special lady name Mary Poppins and many more!! 


Scholastic Book Fair at Holy Family Catholic Academy

Its’ that time of year again where the Scholastic Book fair comes to town at HFCA – all our students browse around to pick out their favorite books. We of course couldn’t do this without all the hard work of all of our parent volunteers. We couldn’t do this without all of our incredible & generous parents.






Goodnight Moon & The Runaway Bunny Play with our Daisy’s


On Sunday, January 28th our Daisy Troop and a few of our Girl Scouts helpers saw the beloved book Goodnight Moon &  Runaway Bunny brought to life.   The Troop loved every second of this classic book come to life and make them feel as if they were transported in that infamous green room to say good night to every object everywhere!  And hoping the loving bunny’s Mommy can talk her little bunny out of running away.   

Thank you to our leaders for organizing and giving the kids this very special day and memory that will last a lifetime!!!